‘Mapping Topsham’ Exhibition

I created a map of Topsham which is was exhibited at Topsham Museum as part of their ‘Mapping Topsham’ exhibition in October 2014.

map 1

map 2

I created the map from a tracing of an historic map of Topsham, which I then adapted to make it more up to date.

After painting in the blue sections – inspired by the use of this colour throughout the town, and it’s nautical heritage – I took up my dip pen and inked phrases linked to Topsham’s past and present over the blue, weaving the words together with flourishes.

map 3 map 4

In place of traditional map symbols to signify places of interest, like churches, I decided to make my own symbols to represent some of Topsham’s independent shops and businesses, such as the legendary Cheese Shop, and the historic Topsham Pharmacy.

map 5 map 6

(Apologies for the fact that I forgot to take any photos before the map went into the frame!)

map 7 map 8

About HannahMumby

Illustrator; lover of ink and gouache. Currently based in Exeter UK. If you are interested in my work or would like to ask a question, please email: hannahmumby@gmail.com

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