Listen Again: I join Exeter Illustrators on Phonic FM May 2018

I was delighted to join Paul Cherrill and Kevin Payne from Exeter Illustrators, on Phonic FM in the depths of Exeter Phoenix with host David Treharne for his Exeter Talking Show in May 2018.

David asked us some really thoughtful questions about our ‘Be Inspired’ exhibition which was open as part of Art Week Exeter 2018, and about our experience and interests as individual illustrators.


I join them at around 34 minutes in:



If you can’t see the embedded player above, you can listen here.


The work I exhibited in the exhibition was Red Ravens (2018 – above), which was inspired by seeing ravens circling around a mountaintop in the lake district. Ravens are one of those animals that I have a real reverence for, and I would say they are part of my own personal myth.


Here’s a photo of us in a very hot studio with some big microphones:


_1__Hannah_Mumby phonic

About HannahMumby

Illustrator; lover of ink and gouache. Currently based in Exeter UK. If you are interested in my work or would like to ask a question, please email:

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