About Me

I’m an illustrator based in Devon, UK, open to collaborations, commissions and meeting new people.

A consistent pastime when I was growing up was reinventing my own handwriting and creating hand-drawn lettering, which often manifested through doodled redesigns of existing companies’ logos or my own ones for imagined future ventures.

Needless to say the interest and delight in hand-lettering has continued, and has now grown into a love for line drawings created with dip-pen and ink.

I grew up in a household with a professional tea-taster and a Speech Therapist teapot collector and as a result have a mug collection that is becoming obscene.

I’m inspired by:

  • The countryside and all that comes with it (for the moment, Devon, but the rich Cheshire countryside where I grew up)
  • Meditation
  • Psychology / understanding and exploring my own – and others’ – experiences of mental health, and relationships with their own bodies
  • Symbols (yes, that’s a very broad interest)
  • Scandinavian design and folklore (the Mumbys were once vikings, many moons ago)


You can follow me on Instagram for lots of updates and sneak peeks into what I’m currently working on



I am a Kaleider resident – find out more here: KALEIDER



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