I can’t help but have a love of the planets, and these illustrations are now available as a set of 9 postcards (or stickers!) I didn’t have the heart to leave out Pluto.

D’Arts Leaflet

I was super happy to be asked to create a new all-purpose “big bookmark” style leaflet for local arts organisation D’Arts. What came out of this process ended up being a total revamp of the organisation’s visual identity, so that it was more playful and communicated “arts” more clearly. The predecessor logo and leaflet to […]

Magic Carpet Workshops Poster

I created this poster for the charity Magic Carpet to advertise their new creative workshops. The space in the middle is left blank so that different labels can be affixed showing details of all the different workshops, depending upon what needs to be advertised at the time. For this poster I started with dip pen […]