I can’t help but have a love of the planets, and these illustrations are now available as a set of 9 postcards (or stickers!) I didn’t have the heart to leave out Pluto.

D’Arts Leaflet

I was super happy to be asked to create a new all-purpose “big bookmark” style leaflet for local arts organisation D’Arts. What came out of this process ended up being a total revamp of the organisation’s visual identity, so that it was more playful and communicated “arts” more clearly. The predecessor logo and leaflet to […]


Created in dip pen and ink, colour added digitally. Part of a series I’m building called ‘Grotesque Animals’ (nod to Of Montreal) exploring working with images of creatures I find repulsive and seeing what can come out of that process. It seems to be the case that once I draw something I see from a […]