Tension Illustration

Part of a personal project exploring tension, in relation to meditation, mental health and the body. Dip pen and ink, and digital colour.    

Flux: Flow of Energy

An illustration for The Menteur magazine on the topic of ‘Flux’ “Flux: To be in a state of continuous change (mental)” With this illustration I’m representing the continuous state of flux we all find ourselves in emotionally: moving between states which we might define as “strong” or “weak”, “confident” or “anxious”, “competent” and “incompetent”, and so […]

Flux: Nosebleed

An illustration for The Menteur magazine on the topic of ‘Flux’   “Flux: A discharge of blood or other matter from or within the body”   For this illustration I was inspired by my own experience of having sudden nosebleeds in times of emotional turmoil and stress. One way of interpreting this is that, when […]

Night Owl

A new design I just today got made into prints for my upcoming stall at Paper Phoenix indie craft market. I spent many a night half-draped out of my window, when I lived in Northumberland, waiting for messages to arrive (from boys that I liked) because that was the only place with phone signal. There’s […]

Skate Like a Girl

New design which I’ll be getting made into prints soon – “Skate Like a Girl”. This one is really important to me – a few years ago I started longboarding after I had a small health scare, when needed to do something for the joy of it (and for a long time I’d told myself […]