Hannah Mumby

What I Do 

I’m a freelance artist and creative facilitator based in Exeter, UK. 
I work with clients from a wide range of industries to bring their stories to life, and help them learn how to collaborate better.

I create images, design interactive experiences, and host reflective spaces.

What Drives Me 

My approach to image-making is rooted in paying attention to hidden narratives, and bringing areas of difficulty and complexity to the surface.

I am actively interested in working with teams to help bring research and ideas to life. I believe creativity can be a powerful tool to help people communicate across disciplines and meaningfully involve different voices. This can happen through co-production workshops or something more bespoke where I can support project partners to playfully and meaningfully collaborate with each other. 

I’m fascinated by the specificity and complexity of the stories we tell about our lives, and a major interest of mine is psychoanalysis. In 2020 I completed an Introduction to Clinical Psychoanalysis course at the Society for Social and Critical Psychoanalysis to discover what a psychoanalytic perspective might bring to my practice.

I think it can be meaningful to push the boundaries of what illustration can be, through engaging with emerging research. I guest-edited the 2020 edition of the Journal of Illustration and in 2019 I organised the 10th International Illustration Research Symposium 'Illustrating Mental Health'. I am a practice-led researcher and recently completed an MA in illustration which was research-focused. 

You’ll often find me scampering around campus at the University of Exeter, where I am a visiting fellow with the Global Systems Institute and where I also teach Medical Students how harness the power of their own creativity.

Work with Me  

I work freelance and am available for:

  • Illustration (editorial, advertising, publishing, research - contact me about your project)

  • Design (logos, documents, reports)

  • Creative engagement and dissemination of research (I can work with you to help bring your ideas alive for audiences)

  • Facilitation: I offer sessions using the Co-Production Oracle that can be tailored to suit any scale from individuals, to small teams, or multi-partner projects. 

Illustrations are priced according to an appropriate license fee for your project; Design and other creative work is priced according to a day rate.


Email: hello[at]hannahmumby.co.uk

Instagram: @hannahmumby

LinkedIn:  Hannah Mumby

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Illustrator of the Year - Michael Marks (2023)

Principal’s Commendation - Arts University Plymouth (2019)

Qualifications & Training

Design Thinking Champion - InnoPlay (2023)

Facilitation Skills for Science and Society Dialogue - Stickydot (2023)

A Social and Critical Introduction to Psychoanalysis
- SSCP (2020)

MA Illustration
- Distinction - Arts University Plymouth (2019)