I use Creativity and Curiosity to Help People Collaborate Better. 

I create reflective spaces where I help teams explore and learn from the tangled knots of their collaborative work.

I specialise in helping people delve into the messy process of Co-Production, using effective facilitation practices and an interactive tool called The Co-Production Oracle that I created with the University of Exeter. 

What is Co-Production?
“Co-production is an uncomfortable process. Co-production is losing control. Co-production is contamination and cross-pollination of different worldviews, seeking to break the monopoly of any one perspective to tackle the challenges we are facing as a collective. Co-production is not only putting yourself in the shoes of others, but allowing their voices, experiences and even their recalcitrant views to shape your own beloved projects, and ideas.”

- Dr Ernesto Schwartz, University of Exeter

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